Jammers are installed in many large exams to prevent cheating

  • We can not only watch videos during leisure, play games for entertainment, but also collect information at work, improve our work ability and work efficiency, and greatly optimize people's lifestyle. At the same time, mobile phone shopping and mobile phone payment are greatly convenient for people's purchase mode.At this time, the signal blocker can solve these problems well.It can be said that the emergence of mobile phones has changed the life of a generation.Due to the popularity of mobile phones, the rapid development of telemarketing has been able to compete with traditional sales.

    After many sales calls, people’s awareness of the protection of mobile phone numbers has increased, and the leakage of mobile phone number information has continued. Even many large companies rely on selling user information for huge amounts of wealth.A wifi jammer is a device that interferes with WiFi signals while interfering with other frequencies. Using a WiFi jammer not only keeps your child away from the virtual network, but also allows your children to spend more time learning and sharing time with your family to keep your child healthy. At the same time, there may be huge security risks in public WiFi. Some criminals may attack your network through WiFi and steal your personal information.

    Mobile phones are an indispensable partner in our lives and also the biggest tool to attack our privacy. Mobile phones have improved people's lifestyles and brought great convenience to people. However, mobile phones themselves are a leaking tool. The mobile directional transmitter and receiver can be confusing to anyone at any time by his mobile phone concept, even if the phone is turned off. These signals can be blocked using high power cell phone jammer.They all operate through mobile phone signals. If there is no cell phone signal, these problems will be completely solved.