The types of jammers are very complex and varied

  • You may have noticed the reality that gsm jammer are widely used in modern society. Because of the use of smartphones, people spend too much time on their phones instead of playing and talking with people around them.So the mobile phone signal jammer appeared. As a useful device, signal jammers are popular among users around the world. In order to meet the changing needs of users, designers and manufacturers of signal jammers find it difficult to develop jammer technology and performance.Using a smartphone can help bad people do the wrong thing.

    Drone interceptors can also interrupt GPS signals, which is an important feature because self-guided drones depend on satellite navigation guides. Once stuck, the drone can be oriented into place. The signal blocking device will constitute the future battlefield.The drone jammer works by directing radio energy into the drones, breaking the remote control link between the drone and the operator.For example, in countries such as the United States and Australia, drones are considered private property and can only be blocked by government agencies.Some civilian drone research and development companies say regulations regarding the use of drones are still under control.

    Regarding radiation, we know that as long as electronic products have large and small radiation. Any piece of electrical equipment has radiation. The rest of our mobile phone signal shielding is far below the national standard, and it is not calculated in the ear every day, so it is almost harmless to the human body.The portable jammer emitted in the test room is uneven and may have weak points, so the shielding effect in these places is different. Similarly, the sensitivity of the handset is different. You can protect the signal frequency, and the frequency of the phone is not in the band filter.