Jammers can directly interfere with signal propagation

  • You need to know if your device needs to access the internet. If your device does not need to be connected to the Internet, it is recommended that you disable unnecessary functions to ensure that they do not access the same network on which personal information is shared. Many electronic devices have a number of network connectivity features that can increase the risk of the device attacking. Even worse, we may not be familiar with these features. gsm jammer can avoid this network risk. Therefore, it is important to be fully aware of these features and disable them when they are not needed.

    According to the detection shows that the intensity of the electromagnetic signal emitted by the jammer meets the national standard for the health of the environmental electromagnetic wave, and the signal emitted is relatively small and will not cause damage to the human body. , the device has damaged only the reception conditions of the device, so the device and the base station cannot be connected normally. So we know that the drone jammer will not damage the device itself. In general, the outer signal is greater than the inner signal, so the outer shielding effect is worse. Strictly speaking, whether indoors or outdoors, the actual interception distance is related to the environment, such as the distance between the different base stations, the location of the installation, etc.

    Nowadays, many young people like to go to bed late, probably because there are so many recreational activities these days. Mobile phones and wireless networks are particularly common.So many households will choose to install a portable jammer. With a cell phone and WiFi, it's easy for many people to pass the time, including chatting online and playing mobile games. In order to protect the health of teenagers, prevent them from watching late and protect their physical health, parents must control their use of WiFi networks and mobile phones.