What do you think of signal blockers?

  • Signal jammers block annoying cell phone signals

    In the classroom, teachers don't like the continuous ringing on their phones, because they naturally disturb the order in the classroom. Therefore, many parents and teachers advocate the use of gsm jammer in schools. It may be impractical and legal to confiscate a student's cell phone. However, it is impolite and unreasonable to use mobile phone signal shielding equipment in the classroom. For example, mobile phones can cause distractions in education, especially in schools. Therefore, there is a hot topic as to whether signal blockers should be used in schools.

    The Russian army now has a special drone fighter unit. The first is the ground collective, which operates an electronic jamming system designed to cut off the radio connection between the UAV and its controller. A high-power gps jammer can block the GPS positioning device of the drone, forcing it to The drone lands or returns. However, the threat to the US military is small. In order for these drone jammer to work, the device should be placed fairly close to the target. Unless you know where they are and when "a former U.S. drone developer explained it on the condition of anonymity.

    In today's highly developed communication tools, there are many signal propagation tools, and signal jammers are the best tools to prevent signal transmission. Mr. Wang explained that although they strictly adhere to the company's regulations, in some cases they cannot control or prevent, for example, prohibiting the bringing of mobile phones into the conference room. The portable jammer is the best device to handle this situation. In addition to this method, tourists are also smuggled into prisons by hiding their phones in private parts of their bodies if prisoners and prison officials conspire to bring their phones in exchange for money. Mr. Wang cited a case in which a prison guard in Talisay city prison was allegedly transferred to Bohol province after dealing with a prisoner.