What type of jammer do you prefer?

  • The effects of jammers vary with the species

    Nowadays, many parents are afraid that children will use their mobile phones to play instead of learning. This cell phone jammer is often used in schools, conference rooms, prisons and other places where mobile phones cannot be used. It comes standard with all 2G 3G 4G mobile phone signals and 2/4G signals. As long as it is within its shielding range, all mobile phones cannot make calls, send text messages and access the Internet, and will not affect other electronic devices.If you put the jammer device in a closed steel (iron) box, the phone with the relatively good quality can still talk, and the normal mobile phone will not work.

    GPS signals play a pivotal role in the military field, and what happens once the GPS signal is suddenly cut off.According to media reports, the recent disruption of GPS signals in the Mediterranean was caused by the sudden cut-off of the United States, which had a serious impact on Syria and the Russian military. We can use gps jammer to block GPS tracking.Since many devices in these areas have used GPS positioning information, many civilian and even military equipment have been affected. Therefore, many advanced weapons deployed in Syria have also lost their functions. Missiles and fighters have lost their combat power and become useless.

    When the home signal is not good, first check if it is in the blind spot of the signal, you can go out of the location, and dial the phone in a wide place. Check whether there are interference facilities. This kind of situation is common in the examing room. If the signal shielding equipment is not turned off after the test, it will cause interference around. At this time, you only need to find the wifi jammer and remove them.This is because some electrical equipment, metal objects, buildings, etc. also affect the signals, they reflect electromagnetic waves, and are also related to the weather.