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    The use of mobile phones allows us to understand the society faster. We are used to shopping on mobile phones, browsing the Internet, chatting with friends, and then overusing the mobile phone can cause great harm to our body. We can use gsm jammer when we are at home. Radiation due to the influence on the cells, long-term, will cause melanin to deposit, it will be long spots. It will also be a decline in immunity, bacterial growth, rough skin and even acne.The mobile phone emits electric radiation, and its radiation intensity has nothing to do with the remaining power, but has a certain relationship with the signal strength. The greater the signal strength, the higher the radiation intensity and the greater the harm to the body.

    Factory direct drone signal shielding device, portable drone jammer all current jammer, GPS jammer interferes with satellite positioning, car location, mobile phone location, drone navigation, Google network positioning, etcIn recent years, the drone market has developed rapidly. sing this product within the range of effectively separating GPS satellite signals can even reach a radius of several kilometers, effectively intercepting drone flight, and protecting our safety.With the large-scale development and production of DJI, Grain, Zero Degree Control and other manufacturers, the price of commercial drones is getting lower and lower, and the experience is getting better and better. Gradually enter people's lives. 

    The smart phone is fully functional and has gradually replaced the computer. We are accustomed to using the mobile phone to access the Internet, read e-books, watch movies, and play games. When sleeping, it is customary to put the mobile phone on the bed and set an alarm clock, which is not conducive to human health. In addition to the electromagnetic radiation brought by the mobile phone itself, sudden cell phone calls will also awaken people who are asleep, thus greatly reducing the quality of sleep. The portable jammer can not only intercept the GSM 3G 4G signal of our usual mobile phone, but also some high power wifi jammers can block the 5G WIFI signal.