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  • Some small and light jammers are suitable for carrying around

    According to a recent study by the University of Minnesota, the GSM mobile phone network provides a sufficient amount of location information to allow different third parties to easily access the location of mobile phone users. "We have demonstrated sufficient data from different underlying layers of the common GSM communication stack, which allows an attacker to perform location tests directly on the victim's phone. We have also shown that these tests can be done carefully without having to call the phone owner Notify them if the PSTN call is interrupted immediately before the end. Www.jammer-mart.com produces various styles of high power gsm jammer.

    The UK government recently announced major changes to UK drone law: it requires owners of certain types of drones to register their devices and pass mandatory capability tests to prove they are familiar with safety, privacy and security standards.One of the best equipment to deal with drone flight is the drone jammer, which can position the drone within 2 kilometers, can prevent it from running and safely lower it without damaging the machine. It operates in the 2.4 to 5.8 GHz frequency range and is used not only by highly protected public places such as police headquarters, airports, and military complexes, but also by ordinary customers who want to protect their privacy.

    To create a good classroom environment, a cell phone jammer is a good choice, you can quickly and effectively block the signal band from your phone. Regarding mobile phones, many people first think of the convenience it brings to our lives. In the classroom, teachers don't like the continuous ringing on their phones, because they naturally disturb the order in the classroom. Therefore, many parents and teachers advocate the use of portable jammer in schools. It may be impractical and legal to confiscate a student's cell phone. However, it is impolite and unreasonable to use mobile phone signal shielding equipment in the classroom.