Amazon New World will start public beta on September 9

  • After many delays, Amazon Game Studio will officially release New World on September 28. Before that, on September 9, Amazon’s MMO will conduct the last public test. This news comes from a new Gamescom trailer, which once again established the historical fantasy premise of New World that players will descend on a legendary island, where there are hidden treasures and endless New World Coins waiting to be discovered, but black magic It is possible to devour the greedy sailor.

    This is a good trailer, but it doesn’t fully explain the status quo of New World. If players want to better understand the actual situation of the battle, it is best to prepare some New World Coins and Boosting in advance before participating in the challenge. Or players can try it out at the beginning of the open beta. Apart from technical issues, it should be easy to enter. Amazon is using the game testing feature recently added by Steam, so fans can directly request access to the open beta on the New World interface on Steam and download it when appropriate.

    The next beta will run from Thursday, September 9th to Sunday, September 12th, so this will be another fairly brief look, at least in terms of MMO. If Amazon really releases New World as scheduled, until September 28th, players can buy New World for $40. This price is normal in MMORPG games, not too expensive.

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