These systems aren't going to be a notable part

  • These systems aren't going to be a notable part of 2K22 MT the revenues for Take-Two or any other publisher anytime soon, not until their release schedules line up more with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Zelnick is confident about the potential that they can bring to the gaming industry.

    Like a lot of gamers, however he also points out that the capacity of the hard drives in both systems could be lacking. Also, Take-Two thus far hasn't displayed much enthusiasm about cloud gaming, so this could be a pain issue for the company as well as those who love its games.

    NBA 2K League finalizes 265-player draft pool for 2021

    The NBA 2K League is gearing up for Buy NBA 2K22 MT the 2021 season. The full pool of 265 draft-eligible players for the 2021 2K League Draft was released. This year's draft includes 33 international players as well as 10 women. Lakers Gaming holds the No. Lakers Gaming has the top position.