Balance and code can be made simpler

  • There is no requirement for users to RuneScape Mobile gold utilize the action bar within RuneScape, although it's an integral part of the game's future. You are able to remain interacting with RuneScape in the same way as you used to before. It will not cause you to be penalized or hinder your productivity.

    We've stayed loyal to our core values of choice and freedom. We're happy that RuneScape does not require you to be a specialist in RuneScape. We do not intend to introduce an uniclass system that restricts you from specific game options based on the choices you made when you first created your account. We're making some exciting modifications. Keep an eye out for more details in the next Og Blog!

    Balance and code can be made simpler. The code base of RuneScape is comprised of more than a decade worth of development. This makes it challenging for developers to create new content. It is now possible to start over by establishing a centralised system, to can spend less time solving our legacy code and more time making incredible content for users like you.

    It's also a good opportunity to balance certain of the lesser-known items available in the game for example, increasing the value to 2h gear in ranged and buy OSRS gold melee, or changing 'weakening spells' in order to increase their ability.