McCaffrey's best seasons featured less yards

  • McCaffrey's best seasons featured less yards, yards per pass and touchdowns compared to Derrick Henry in 2020. Henry is also the one with the best odds of Mut 22 coins winning next season's running title.

    Simply simply put, McCaffrey is not ahead of Henry next season because there's no objective indicator that can be used to determine this. McCaffrey's injury shouldn't be considered a disadvantage.

    Madden NFL 22: Titans' Derrick Henry was tied for second-highest RB rating

    McCaffrey is the reigning king of running backs according to video games. He's a superior receiver that Henry (2,672 receiving yards, but what's the difference?). He's got good hands, certainly, but as far as Titans fans are concerned it's the only one statistic that CMC outdoes Henry in. The EA Sports directors were at the very least sensible enough to take off some points from cheapest madden 22 coins McCaffrey's 99-point rating last year.