In case nobody has suggested it yet in my experience

  • Tapeworm: Create a pouch using 23 shards. A kingworm is included. It fights at level 40 and OSRS gold provides controlled experience. The victim is poisoned to death for 10 and cannot be treated. This applies to the Corporeal Beast as well, making it an interesting companion.

    Void Splatter Buy the charm from Void Knights; on death, it explodes, like the real thing does. Army Ant – gives you attack experience as well as beast of burden. Scroll move summons two insects of lower level that will attack your enemy and poison him, causing 2 damage. Panther - gives strength bonus and teleports you to Feldip hunting zone.

    Vyrewing is a pouch which is constructed from the remains of a Vyrewatch. Skeletal Toroton, an animal of burden; scroll movement teleports to your safe respawn. Dark Phoenix – fights magic; scroll movements kill it and gives you its health. Black Unicorn is a healer who can heal for 3 Hitpoints per day. It is also an animal of burden, and a scroll move that increases the strength of your character.

    In case nobody has suggested it yet in my experience, here is one familiar that can be a source of debate: Spirit Dragon. Blue Charm, 100 shards of Dragon Bones, Blue Charm and Dragon Hide are required to summon any blue dragon. Blue dragons can be mildly frozen poisons, green and red fire attack. Black fire attack drains stats. This is quite amazing. They can also be used as beasts of burden and can teleport you to buy RuneScape Mobile gold different places, based on the dragon you have.