The archetype model has not been able accomplish its primary pu

  • Rebalance Archetype System - The archetype system was unveiled a few years ago and I was intrigued by the idea. This could allow for more unique builds, as well as NBA 2K22 MT reduce the chances of the game becoming unbalanced because of overpowered MyPlayers. In principle, it was an excellent solution to a problem that had been around for a while within the community.

    However, the archetype model has not been able accomplish its primary purpose. The game is still not balanced however, and I believe that the prevalence of overpowered builds is higher today than it was before.

    2K didn't manage efficiently the strengths and weaknesses of each build. This is the critical problem. A center who is taller than 7 feet and weighing 270lbs should not be able to take on a guard in transition.

    Point guards have had a difficult time proving themselves to Cheap MT 2K22 become active builders over the past two seasons. The fact that you play point guard does not confer an advantage. The faster speed of an Point Forward build is not significant. Point forwards generally have a higher ceiling than the point guard.