Choosing a format for a children's party

  • Let's imagine we have a time machine at our disposal. At the touch of a button, it takes us 20 and even 30 years ago. Today she wants to show us how we celebrated birthdays in our childhood. We are 5. We are sitting at the head of a large table, thickly covered with salads. In the centre - chicken and mashed potatoes. Mom fusses and cannot sit down for a second. Happy dad walks around with a camera around his neck. At the table - all the most beloved, family and friends. Grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, neighbours in the stairwell and friends from the yard - all came to congratulate us on the holiday. First - normal food, then - the long-awaited cake and compote. We blow on the candles with all our might, make the most secret and burst the sweet cream on both cheeks! And then - to play with friends until the evening, until Piggy and Stepashka wish "Good night, kids!" We fall asleep and admit to ourselves that this is the best day of our life. Even better than New Year!

    Nice memories agree. And we have to go - pressing the button of the time machine takes us to the present. On the agenda is an urgent question - How to celebrate a child's birthday? Such holidays, which were in our childhood, will not surprise modern youth and will not even please. Today we have at our disposal a lot of opportunities to arrange a really fun party! Let's use them!


    Choosing a theme for the celebration.

    The preparation and conduct of the children's party begin long before you order the cake and write the guest list. The work begins at the moment when you ask yourself the question: What is this holiday about? What format will it take? When answering your question, consider the age of the birthday person and guests, their hobbies, gender and interests. There are several possible formats:

    • Guest animator.

    You know your kid best of all - he shares with you the most intimate, tells dreams and asks for gifts. You know which character is currently taking his thoughts and place on the wall above the table or bed. Dinosaurs? Superheroes? LOL dolls? There is a high probability that your baby is waiting for some of the cartoon characters more than others on his holiday. For three hours, the artists will come up with games and entertainment for the little ones and involve them in fun. Themed children's parties with animators will appeal to children from 1 to 7 years old. It will really become a memorable day for the birthday boy who is happy to share with others how old am I today. It's great that our children believe in fairy tales! And they know for sure that Elsa and the Barboskins will be happy to share a birthday cake with them.

    • A holiday in the format of a show.

    This is a party for those who ask 10,000 why per second and want to know everything in the world! And also for those who have already reviewed all the animators in the world and are ready to move on. Bubble Show, Laser Show, Chemical Show, Show of magicians and illusionists, Paper Show - choose a theme for a children's party depending on the interests of your kid. You know exactly what it will jump from to the ceiling.

    • Active games and quests.

    If your kid cannot sit still for a second, then he will definitely like an energetic holiday in the form of games or quests. Sitting at the table and eating cake? It's boring and like everyone else! We need something more interesting! An addicting puzzle game Fort Boyard, for example? But what if we make an outdoor holiday for children? For example, choosing the nearest park or forest instead of a cafe or restaurant hall? Is there great fun scouring for treasures or chasing plush animals on a toy safari? If your son dreams of becoming a football star, then your choice is his Birthday at the stadium! Instead of an animator, you can invite a famous football player in your city and persuade him to give the youth a couple of lessons on dribbling.

    • Masterclasses.

    This format of holding a children's birthday is becoming more and more relevant every year. Ahead of the whole planet is a master class on making slimes. He's out of the competition! In second place is the making of chocolate and gingerbread! And then our imagination is not limited by anything! A master class on creating jewellery, drawing in various techniques, a pottery master class, and even a master class on dancing and makeup! It's great when on a holiday we can combine business with pleasure - have fun and learn something new.

    Choosing a place.

    When we have decided on the theme and format of the party or matinee, the next issue on the agenda is where to celebrate the birthday. We have several options at our disposal. We can organize a birthday party at home or in the country. You won't have to pay rent, but you shouldn't expect the children to sit still and everything around will remain in its original form. Most parents still lean towards a restaurant, cafe or children's entertainment center. But these are not all possible options. You can organize a holiday for children in the park, in the square and even in the forest. And you can all together, under the supervision of adults, create a holiday in the pool or in the water park. Mermaids, along with Triton and the crab Sebastian, will gladly come to congratulate the birthday man and amuse the guests.

    Celebration organization.

    Choosing a theme, format and location for the future holiday is good, but not enough. When the answers to basic questions are found, the fun begins. What will happen on this holiday? Timing and script are the most important parts of the event. And here there are two possible scenarios for the development of events. The first is to create a children's party yourself from scratch. It will take time, effort and energy from even the freest parent. And the one who regularly goes to the service will have to create a fairy tale for the child at night. And option number two is the organization of entertainment for children with the participation of experienced presenters. A holiday agency with extensive experience will always be happy to advise you on suitable holiday ideas for your child. And with even greater pleasure he will make them a reality.  

    If you nevertheless decide to organize a holiday with your own hands and forces, here are some tips for you:

    1. Let the holiday be short but capacious. After 3 hours of continuous fun, even the toughest and most experienced fighters can get overstimulated. The more children there are, the more difficult it is to control them in this state. When arranging a party for tiny toddlers, focus on 2 o'clock. Increase the duration of the activity as your child gets older.
    2. The holiday should be calm and active games. Distribute them in the program so that the children alternate activities.
    3. Choose games taking into account the gender and age of the birthday person and the invited company. Boys are unlikely to be interested in fairies and princesses, but girls certainly don't want to fight with swords or save the planet. Although, who knows?. And children below 5 years old love to play games with their friends
    1. Choice of costumes and decorations. Decorating a children's party is another quest on the way of parents who decided to put their own hand in creating a holiday. The menu and decor of the space, from napkins on tables to balloons on the ceiling, should be subordinated to the general idea of ​​the holiday.
    2. Compilation of the menu. After active games and right in the process, children need recharging. Think over the menu in advance so as not to order a pizza right at the party. Ask the parents if there are any children with nutritional problems at the holiday. Some people are not allowed sugar, gluten or meat. So that everyone goes home well-fed, healthy and happy, create a menu that would satisfy the needs of all guests.
    1. The most interesting and fascinating thing is drawing up an estimate of the celebration. Determine in advance the budget that you are ready to allocate for the event. Based on the available amount, choose the appropriate decor options, menus and entertainment.
    2. Creating a children's holiday on their own will require remarkable ingenuity from parents, a lot of time and a mountain of energy. After such a quest, you can arrange masterclasses for your parents' friends.

    And if you do not have so much time and are forced to at least sometimes go to work, then you can with a light heart entrust this venture to an agency for organizing children's parties. Choose specialists with extensive experience. They know exactly all the subtleties and nuances of creating parties and matinees for companies of different ages.

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