What Are The Characteristics Of Door And Window Hinges

  • What are the characteristics of door and window hinges? Let us window hinge manufacturer tell you:

    1. Let us understand that there is a big difference in appearance: when you see hinges and hinges, you also need to know. You will understand very clearly that hinges and hinges are not the same thing. The hinge has a hinge structure, and the materials are generally iron, copper and stainless steel. Common types of hinges include ordinary hinges, pipe hinges, door hinges, glass hinges, countertop hinges, and flap hinges; the hinge is a rod Tie structure, can do translation and rotation, six connecting rods and other connecting rods, the materials are generally stainless steel hinges and iron hinges. These are the differences in appearance between the two.
    2. The principle of action is different: both have to be understood, and the functions of hinges and hinges are also different. We look at our own needs. Window sashes using hinges can only rotate, while sashes using hinges can rotate and move in translation. Hinges are usually used to keep doors and windows turning when they are opened or closed. Hinges do not have the function of spring hinges. Therefore, after installing the hinges, various bumpers must be installed. The hinges themselves cannot provide friction like hinges. Need to use additional support together, the above is the difference between the two principles of action.
    3. The objects used are different: we all know that hinges and hinges mainly act on cabinet doors, windows, doors, etc. It depends on the specific use, but in the role of the target, each has its own expertise, and each has a role that the other cannot replace. Here are a few examples to illustrate the different objects of the hinge hinge. The hinges are more often installed on the cabinets. In addition, the inverted windows are generally fixed and installed with hinges to complete the normal opening and closing of the large casement windows.

    Window hinges are a kind of construction hardware. In addition to window hinges, we also have many series of hardware products, so we are also known as building hardware manufacturers.