Detroit Pistons fans may be surprised about NBA 2K22

  • If players have personally watched a Detroit Pistons game, or even watched a game on TV, then some of the sounds are very familiar to the players. The first is OG George Blaha. He has been calling for Pistons for 45 years. This is the first thing many fans think of when they think of Pistons broadcast. His partner Greg Kelser is another voice very familiar to Pistons fans.

    But maybe there is no more familiar or unforgettable voice in the arena than John Mason. The mysterious broadcaster of the Pistons has become the standard for judging peers. His DEEEEEEETROIT BASKETBAAAAAALL! The phone has become a fan's favorite, but if the player is a fan of another NBA 2K22 MT, his voice may be annoying.

    Now players will be able to hear it in NBA 2K because Mason will appear with PA announcers from each team. Some players are very excited about this and buy NBA 2K22 MT. John Mason became the broadcaster of the Pistons in the 2001-2 season and quickly won praise from fans for his vivid introduction. Some players think there is nothing better than Mason’s introduction to the Goin’ to Work era team, and his introduction became part of that team.

    When he said, "It's time for the world to see...", this can make your heart beat faster. When the bell of Big Ben rings, it makes your heart beat up and down like someone preparing to participate in the finals. Seriously, if players are fans of the Pistons and can watch this without getting goose bumps, then they may have no soul.

    NBA 2K22 has been affected a bit in graphics and gameplay, but this is an additional content. In fact, many players will want to buy 2K22 MT to get their favorite player cards. NBA 2K22 is about to be released, players can prepare NBA 2K22 MT in advance.