Celtics fans will hear familiar voices in NBA 2K22

  • If players play the new NBA 2K22 video game as the Boston Celtics team, be prepared to feel like in TD Garden. NBA 2K22 will not only bring a lot of new content to players, but also focus on enhancing the realism of the game. Some players who Buy 2K22 MT will also be able to have a better gaming experience.

    The latest installment of the 2K series will feature actual public address announcers from each team as part of the in-game audio experience. This means that when Jayson Tatum makes a three-pointer in the game, you will hear Celtics PA announcer Eddie Palladino yelling: "Jaaaaayson Taaatum, three!!!" instead of hearing the usual voice in the background. This is very exciting. In NBA 2K22, players will not only get a better gaming experience with buy NBA 2K22 MT, they will also be able to feel the most real sense of the scene.

    Players will also hear Palladino announce Boston's starting lineup in video games, just like he has done in real-life Garden Stadium for nearly 20 years. As an East Boston native and lifelong Celtics fan, Palladino has been the team's spokesperson since the 2003-04 season, when he accepted the job he wanted since childhood. Palladino said that this has always been his childhood dream, back to when he was isolated in the bedroom, watching Celtics games on TV, turning off the volume and calling him. By the way, players can use NBA 2K22 MT to get the player cards they want in NBA 2K22.

    NBA 2K22 will be available to players on September 10. Judging from some news now, NBA 2K22 will bring new content that has never been seen before. All these make players can't wait, and interested players can prepare enough NBA 2K22 MT for NBA 2K22. Because it will greatly enhance the players' gaming experience.