NAB 2K22 brings real PA announcers from every arena into the ga

  • The audio demo of NBA 2K22 will feature all 30 live public broadcast announcers in real life in the NBA, who will ignite the enthusiasm of the audience by highlighting the starting lineup and a memorable ceremony just like the superstars themselves. This will be the same unforgettable experience as players buy NBA 2K22 MT. Visual Concepts and 2K Sports announced this feature on Wednesday, naming Philadelphia 76ers' mic men Matt Cord and New York Knicks' Mike Walczewski as 30 people who will speak for the game.

    Walczewski said in a statement that after last year, he thinks they have re-appreciated the noise and cheers that flood the NBA arena every night. With the style and enthusiasm of the broadcasters of NBA 2K22 MT now in the game, he feels that NBA 2K22 players will experience the excitement and drama of stepping on the home court. Of course, these people do more than just introductions, they provide usual breakthroughs for timeouts, turnovers, three-pointers and other game events.

    From 1976 to 1990, Edwards was the PA announcer for Chicago Stadium. He is not the one who introduced Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, etc. The Alan Parsons Project’s "Sirius". That’s Ray Clay, whom the Bulls, fired him in 2002. But Lawrence Tanter, the voice of Los Angeles Lakers can be traced back to 1981 and the Great Western Forum, here is LeBron James.

    Will you find anything before NBA 2K22 is released? While the players are preparing 2K22 MT for the game, how the game will deal with the situation where superstar players often appear on completely different teams is very curious, let alone how the stars created in the MyCareer mode enter introduce. Did all these PA announcers record all the first and last names in the NBA 2K dialogue library? 2K Sports’ statement did not involve that level of detail. Small details like this and additional steps are how the studio has made NBA 2K’s broadcast presentations ahead of all other sports video games for more than a decade. But it still has innovation and new content.