NBA 2K22 brings some new content to PlayStation

  • It will announce soon NBA 2K22. PlayStation provides unique challenges for their fans. In NBA 2K21, they introduced the season, which is a brand new way to upgrade in MyTeam and get rewards such as NBA 2K22 MT, and they are expanding it further in NBA 2K22.

    The season will play an important role in the entire NBA 2K22. The best part is that whether it is MyCareer, MyTeam or The W Online, players can access new content and get rewards, just play the game at no additional cost. Of course, if players want to get NBA 2K22 MT more easily and simply, then players can also buy NBA 2K22 MT on a third-party trading website.

    Explore all activities in the city (on PS5) and neighborhood (on PS4). Upgrades will earn players more rewards, which will be refreshed every six weeks at the beginning of the new season. This way, players can have enough NBA 2K22 MT to get their favorite items. Throughout the year, the four seasons will Buy 2K22 MT for players to enjoy.

    PS5 MyTeam challenge activity. PlayStation 5 players can get exciting rewards by completing their own unique series of challenges. It only provided the challenge activities introduced in NBA 2K21 to PS5 players through the PS5 activity function. NBA 2K22 will refresh these contents at the beginning of each season. PS5 players can unlock rewards by completing special goals in the set game scene. This is a new opportunity for PS5 players. In order to start the first season, they have “Assists against Dirk & Luka”. This duo of Dallas Mavericks has become the best two in the team's history. Players can prepare some NBA 2K22 MT to unlock powerful players and create their own ideal MyTeam lineup to defeat them on PlayStation 5. And get the organizer’s reward package as a reward.