Path of Exile: The upcoming Patch 3.15.2 will improve and fix E

  • It has been quite a while since the launch of Path of Exile: Expedition. Maybe players will find some imbalances or bugs in the game. They bought POE Currency but did not get a good gaming experience, which is unbearable for anyone. Fortunately, later this week, GGG will launch Patch 3.15.2, which will bring some improvements and bug fixes to the Expedition League. The following is some content about Patch 3.15.2.

    Expedition improvements. Rog’s proposal to apply POE Currency mass types to items will now apply a mass of 10% to 20% (previously 1% to 20%). This option is no longer provided for projects that already have quality. Rog’s offer to apply random incubators, quality types, or anointing to items is now cheaper. The prices of certain goods offered by Tujen have been reduced (mainly goods priced in the thousands).

    General improvements. Monsters with the Hexfont Nemesis modifier no longer cause silence. Cursed monsters now have a global cooldown to prevent multiple identical monsters from cursing the player repeatedly.

    Bug fixes. Fixed a bug where implicit attribute modifiers would prevent explicit attribute modifiers from scrolling on certain basic types. Fixed an error where using associations to store items in an expedition or robbery locker would sometimes tell you that it failed because the locker did not have enough space to place the Path of Exile Currency, even if they were successfully stored. Fixed two instance crashes. Fixed two client crashes.

    GGG aims to provide players with a better gaming experience through some of the above improvements and updates. Even if some players have a bad evaluation of Path of Exile: Expidition, GGG's player-centric attitude is still very gratifying. Of course, if players want a better gaming experience in the game, then they'd better prepare some POE Currency. Go!