Path of Exile: Patch 3.15.2 brings improvements to Expedition

  • Path of Exile will be updated later this week. Many players are dissatisfied with the Expedition League, because its balance of the game makes many players no longer want to play. Fortunately, the developers actively started from the players’ point of view, and brought some improvements and updates, and fixed some bugs. It seems that the Expedition League is still worth playing. Some players who have prepared POE Currency are also very satisfied with the rapid response of the developers.

    It will bring improvements to Expedition and a series of bug fixes. One of the biggest improvements to come is that expedition suppliers will provide 86 item-level goodies in their stores. This means that if players intend to complete his endgame equipment, they can achieve it by honing the expeditionary alliance mechanism, and completing the task may get POE Currency or other rewards. If players want to get the items they want more easily, another option is to buy POE Currency to get them.

    Another major improvement is that if Rog provides the player with the option to remove the modifier with the lowest modifier level from the item, the item pop-up window will show him the possible modifiers that will be removed. Rog will also provide players with an option to destroy their items and have a high chance of scrolling through some corruption inside stories. Those who use Instilling Orbs to get the flask enchants they want will be happy to know that GGG will add new crafting table recipes for specific Flash enchants in an upcoming update. The crafting recipe may still need to instill Path of Exile Currency, but since the crafting workbench recipe is 100% absolute, players no longer need to worry about wasting a lot of them to get the required Flash enchantments. The developers will also provide players with a way to remove enchantments from the project through their crafting table. This will be available immediately.

    It has been reported recently that Path of Exile 2 will be launched before 2024, and it can be seen that there is still a long time before its launch. Fortunately, players still have enough time to prepare for POE Currency. Players can also play Path of Exile: Expedition to kill boring time.