Path of Exile 2 developers prefer the “game testing value” of t

  • The developers of Path of Exile 2 pay more attention to the beta version of the game testing value. Grinding Gear Games has been balancing Path of Exile’s new alliance output with the work of the RPG sequel. In any case, this is a delicate balance, but COVID-19 has made things out of rhythm. More than once, developers have pulled developers from Path of Exile 2 into any alliance they were working on at that particular moment. Players are very excited and even some players have prepared enough POE Currency for Path of Exile 2.

    For this reason, the release date of Path of Exile 2 has been ambiguous, because the public’s position remains that the upcoming PC game will be ready when it is ready. Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, said that one of the reasons for this is that it is not worth it. The studio can undoubtedly put the beta version together, but it will not provide the game testing value it is looking for. He said that part of the problem is how big the beta should be, and there are many related issues. It is entirely possible for them to run the beta version they have so far, which is relatively prominent, but he doesn’t know how valuable it will be. This may have marketing value, but Wilson would rather try to get some game testing value from it.

    As for Path of Exile 2 itself, Wilson admitted that it was a slow burn because he wanted to Buy Chaos Orbs that the original work remained healthy and the studio would not rely on follow-up actions to save them from possible catastrophic situations. Wilson stated that it will take a while, but it is still happening, and it is still exciting. To meet these deadlines, they have to extract resources from Path of Exile 2, because his goal is not to miss any extensions and maintain the development of the game.

    According to the current situation, Path of Exile 2 may be launched someday in 2022. Before the arrival of Path of Exile 2, players can buy POE Currency and start Path of Exile: Expedition to consume time. Go ahead!