New World: Some things we know so far

  • New World’s internal beta period is from July 20th to August 2nd. During the internal beta period, it has gained many fans with its interesting game content and exquisite game graphics. Many players are looking forward to the official launch of New World and have prepared enough New World Coins for this. During the closed beta, we also knew a lot about New World. Here are some of what we know.

    PvP Ambitions
    The PvP aspect of New World is some of its biggest highlights-it shows. Taking part in PvP is easier than ever. Players can switch it from level 10, allowing you to choose to join or quit PvP while traveling through Aeternum. Having PvP ability is a great way to add fun to tedious exploration work, and when it works, dueling other players will be fun. The faction-based war mode is also an excellent addition, except for some PvP combat issues, it turns out to be very interesting.

    New World pays more attention to production than any of its competitors, and its execution is flawless. When players start to play the game, players will learn the basics of the production system, collecting materials, and the importance of having supplies. Although production is mainly used to get the right items, the system can also be used to introduce purposes for those tedious collection tasks, and you will do a lot of things. One key to making in New World is that when it comes to player equipment, making is unnecessary. Players can buy New World Coins to directly purchase better equipment.

    The release time of New World is not far away, and it will meet with players on September 28. Players who want to learn more about New World related information must not miss IGGM. I believe you will not be disappointed! Finally, I hope that after the game is launched, all players can have a performance in the game.

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