New World microtransactions and more data mining

  • Enterprising data miners have discovered information about what you can get from New World microtransactions. The data also includes a sneak peek of armor skins, weapon capabilities, and more that may be on the way to Amazon MMO.

    The New World data mine is a fairly large data mine, provided by Reddit user m4rx. In most cases, the things provided through microtransactions look pretty standard; there are many weapons and armor skins, as well as consumable equipment dyes, pets, clothing, and so on. Players can also buy in-game currency called Marks of Fortune, and players can also buy New World Coins in the game. The data also shows that there may be an optional New World Steam subscription. These microtransactions seem to reflect the assurances of New World developers that they will not sell in-game boosters before 2022, so players can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being.

    New World data mining also reveals a lot of other information about the features and cosmetics players may experience in the completed game. Although some of the “new weapons” of data mining may actually be just variants or redesigns, the Void Gauntlet looks like a real deal. Some armor sets in New World data mining Some armor sets in New World are more plain than others, but they are all very detailed.

    Besides this new weapon, m4rx has also found many new armor skins in the game files of New World. After some work, they could capture the appearance of these armor suits. Some of them-rune suits and pirate suits for example-look quite familiar, and players can prepare enough New World Coins to get everything they want, despite their unique visual distortions in the new world. It will officially release New World on August 31. Interested players look forward to it together!

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