Some things about rapier build in New World

  • The rapier is one of the 11 weapons currently available in Amazon MMO New World, and it is one of the most harmful options among melee weapons. This light sword is one of the three one-handed weapons. It is a perfect choice for players who want to stand up in front of their opponents but also want to show off their skills. Besides some dodge and parry abilities, the outstanding feature of the rapier is rapid attack and continuous damage bleeding, allowing players to skillfully enter and exit the opponent’s melee range while still causing damage.

    In the new world, every player has five core attributes. Each weapon is suitable for use with specific attributes. The player’s weapon mastery determines which active and passive abilities the player’s character has when using a particular weapon. A character can equip up to two weapons at a time, so the most important point is to consider what it may match other weapons with the weapon being used to play a greater role. Of course, capable players can also buy New World Coins to get better weapons. This is something about rapier build in New World.

    Personal attributes
    The rapier comes from two stats, agility and intelligence. Although agility is its key attribute, if the second weapon does not benefit from agility, players may switch to put points on intelligence. If players use the rapier as their major weapon, they will want to load all points into agility when leveling up to maximize the damage that players can use the weapon to cause. Once the agility reaches 300 points, players can start putting points into intelligence or physique. Intelligence will further increase rapier damage, while physique will give players more health.

    Second weapon and armor
    The rapier is a high-damage weapon that lacks a way to control the crowd and cannot be used at long distances.Although some players may wish to pair the rapier with something that has crowd control capabilities, it is usually more helpful to pair it with a ranged weapon. Pairing a rapier with a rifle or bow would be ideal, as both benefit from agility as the key attribute. Using these weapons, the player can open the enemy from a distance with a few shots before swapping the rapier at close range. Belonging to the light armor category can make the player’s character roll while evading, and, it will increase the character’s damage by 20%.

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