Shroud gave an honest opinion of the new world

  • Shroud gave some honest opinions on the newly launched New World. Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has been busy diving into the brutal PvP battles of New World and expressing his true opinion on the current state of the game. New World is the latest MMO launched by Amazon Games. According to various data in the closed beta stage, it has gained a large number of fans.
    The most exciting thing in New World is a large-scale 50v50 battle. These large-scale battles can get very busy, but they are the best place to showcase deadly buildings and legendary loot. Players can buy New World Coins in the game to obtain weapons and use them in battle. Therefore, many players often flock to these bloody quarrels to declare provocative victory over the enemy. Although New World is still in beta, this has not stopped shroud from expressing honest opinions on the PvP aspects of the game.
    He felt the defender should take a long time to generate at a long distance, which would give the attacker a chance to advance the target without being immediately bombarded by explosives and arrow fire. Killing the defender will also make the defender feel more punished, and each successful killing of the defender will give the besieging party a short breathing time. He explained defenders should be reborn in their fortresses for running and other things. The offense needs a lot of communication to win, but for the defender, the process is much simpler because of the current generation system.
    Shroud said that once it is organized and people know how to play it, it will actually be pretty cool. He doesn’t know if it is super unbalanced, he thinks it should be a problem of corresponding planning. Although some players quickly stated that the war PvP mode is unbalanced, shroud does not believe this is the case. He feels that there is a system that can balance the war, but if the players don’t understand any mechanism, they can’t call it unbalanced. New World will be released in a month, and the time is set for August 31. Players who are interested and want to devote themselves to the battle can prepare enough New World Coins. Hurry up!