Amazon’s New World seems to have brought a new light

  • Amazon may be one of the largest companies in the world, but it seems to have been frustrated in the video game market. It has been trying to make breakthroughs in gaming and streaming subscription services. Amazon’s greatest success in the gaming field may be the acquisition of Twitch, although the profit revenue is not considerable.

    New World is a huge MMO, which itself has undergone a lot of rework and spent several years in development. It was initially accused of being insensitive to indigenous peoples with its clear colonial themes, and these aspects were cut and reshaped into something less objectionable. Now, as a fantasy-based MMO, it has an early American colonial atmosphere, but it is more acceptable. And it looks pretty good.

    New World is currently in beta, which shows that the game has a lot of hope. Throughout the beta, New World often tops the Twitch rankings, even when some of the largest streamers are online. Considering how difficult it is to launch an MMO, this is unlikely to be a potential blow, let alone a game based on a new IP, but it has done a good job. Therefore, it seems destined that it may indeed be Amazon’s first coherent and possibly successful game release. This is an MMO without a subscription model. The game provides players with New World Coins. There is no cost sharing, only the initial prepayment, and then the micro-transactions in the game.

    In any case, as long as the game does not have some serious consequences, New World is expected to break Amazon’s continuous release failure. New World is currently in the closed beta phase (July 20 to August 2). On August 31, New World was officially released, players can buy New World Coins in the game for a better gaming experience. Let’s look forward to it together!

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