EVGA confirms it will replace all RTX 3090 killed by Amazon New

  • EVGA has confirmed that each of its GeForce RTX 3090 cards that were killed because of New World MMO internal testing issues will be replaced by the company. A company spokesperson said that all failed 3090 cards will be replaced. Developer Amazon Games Studios has now released a patch that limits the FPS in the menu without affecting the rest of the game, although it assures gamers that, regardless of any patch, the closed beta is “safe for play”.

    According to Jason Langevin, the host of the JayzTwoCents YouTube channel, his contact at EVGA also confirmed that they had cross-shipped RMA products to graphics card owners whose GPUs were blown up because of the New World beta. This means that once the RMA ticket is approved, the card will be shipped out before being returned and tested.

    To be honest, this is a wise move by EVGA. Although you may feel about the fact that only its cards are advertised as victims of Amazon MMO and any issues with the quality of the power components of these cards, that it is at least rushing to replace GPUs with its customers is positive. Dealing with problems quickly makes the players feel good. After the game is officially launched, Buy New World Coins can also improve the player’s gaming experience.

    Some players indicated that other GPUs are affected by this issue. He claimed that AMD GPU users and other Nvidia users have experienced bricking due to New World. Fortunately, this issue has now been dealt with by the companies most affected by dead GPUs and the developers of related games. It will launch New World on August 31. Players who are looking forward to it can prepare New World Coins in advance. Come!

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