How to choose the New World faction?

  • The public beta of New World has already begun, and we expect many players to flood the coast of the open world MMO. If you are not familiar with Amazon’s new game, there are some differences between it and your commonly used MMO games. New World does not have a profession. Each server can only have one character. I divide the player base into three factions: Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant. The faction you choose has a significant influence on your gameplay. After choosing one, you cannot join a different faction in the next 120 days, and you can only join a company that matches your faction. If you choose to join PvP, players from the opposing faction may attack you.

    You can also represent your faction in wars, 50v50 PvP battles, and control of settlements. The winner will be responsible for settlement development and tax rates, and gain local gains. Of course, you can also buy New World Coins directly. But how to choose faction? To choose a faction, you must reach level 10 and complete a series of beginner missions. If you play with a group of people, or know any players who have chosen a faction, if you want to fight with them, you can choose the same faction as them.

    Understandably, players may want to be a member of the largest or second largest faction on the server. If one faction is much smaller than the others, they may end up with shards, while the other two will eliminate them. Obviously, there are some “weakness mechanisms” that can prevent a faction from falling behind too much, but it is not clear what these are.

    Since it is currently in the closed beta phase before the release date of New World, it is difficult to say which faction will dominate the server of your choice. We recommend you choose the faction with the knowledge and feeling you like. If you are interested, you can prepare New World Coins for this new game in advance. Of course you can change your faction in New World. However, you cannot change to the faction with the most territory, and you can only change it once every 120 days, so it is important to choose the faction carefully.

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