Madden 22’s rating will be announced next week

  • With the release of Madden 22 getting closer, many fans are ready to buy Madden 22 Coins, and EA will once again cooperate with ESPN to host a special Madden Ratings Week. In the week from July 25th to July 30th, various ESPN programs will announce Madden 22 player ratings. The event will be broadcast on Sunday, July 25 as a special program of the sports center.

    However, the actual player ratings show they will not start until Monday, July 26. NFL alumni rating adjusters, such as Chad Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, and Alex Smith, help publish ratings on First Take every day. The top 10 wide receivers will be announced with Chad Johnson in First Take on July 26, and then the full position rating will be announced on SportsCenter and additional coverage will be made on NFL Live. On July 27th, the focus will be on the defensive line. Vince Wilfork will announce the top 10 defensive Madden 22 Coins on First Take, and then the top 10 edge rushers on SportsCenter and NFL Live.

    On Wednesday, July 28, Marshawn Lynch will announce the top running back in First Take. The full running back score will be announced later on SportsCenter and NFL Live. On Thursday, July 28, the top 10 safety will be focused on, introduced by Ed Reed on First Take, and additional ratings will be provided on SportsCenter and NFL Live. ESPN will save the most important position to last. The top 10 quarterbacks will be announced with Alex Smith on Friday, July 30th.

    As for the members of Club 99, those with an overall rating of 99 are the highest possible ratings in Madden 22-they will be announced every morning when they get up. Remember, Madden 22’s release ratings are based on players’ performance in real life, so MUT 22 Coins can change every week. This is a rating performance adjuster based on weekly analysis of player performance. Madden 22 will be launched globally on August 20, 2021. Fans of Madden 22 can prepare Madden 22 Coins and look forward to it together.