Madden 22: NFL Draft will be revised

  • This year’s drafting will look very different. Madden 22 has taken part in the Spotlight series of EA Play Live and still provides Madden 22 Coins to players in need. We have now learned more about the reconnaissance features that will be added to the franchise model this year. In Madden 22, the NFL draft process may look better than ever. Here are all the new things we know about Madden 22 Coins and other franchise model updates.

    One of the biggest information revealed in EA Play Live: Spotlight Series for Madden 22 is that they are currently planning three major updates to Franchise after it released the game. We expect reconnaissance to be part of the first one. It still has a non-specific release window in September 2021, which is the one we learned the most this time. No other potential content in the update was discussed, but we mentioned that Madden 21’s abandonment of the three major franchise updates may still apply to Madden 22.

    The new scouting system will try to open up user preferences, which means you should be able to pay as much attention to scouts as you choose when playing franchise. Much of the scout upgrade this year also depends on how they redesign and integrate the NFL draft, including some processes, such as mock drafts. Scouting is the key to the NFL team, but it is really just the tool that caused the biggest event of the offseason: the NFL draft. This year, Madden 22’s goal is to integrate it more with scouts, and the potential draft committee actually represents what the world’s media production looks like. This will even bring a new level of strategy, because the way you place scouts on your team will directly affect the mock draft and how the media react to certain MUT 22 Coins.

    If you choose to assign the most important scout to a specific player who does not rank high in the mock draft, the media will notice that other teams will pay close attention to that player. If you want to avoid this worry, you can choose to conduct private exercises or dispatch lower-level scouts, but the risk of doing so is that you cannot get less detailed information about potential customers. I will release Madden 22 on August 20. Interested players can buy Madden 22 Coins in advance. Let us look forward to it together!