Madden 22: Some new content in Face of the Franchise

  • So far, most of Madden 22’s content has been focused on the improved franchise model, but Madden 22 also has other models, including Face of the Franchise, which is a story-driven RPG-style model in which you can be a professional athlete come to control their careers.

    Madden 22 Coins brings some extra features to Face of the Franchise: United We Rise, including a new location, but it is mainly improved and built on the existing foundation, while still providing Madden 22 Coins for players to choose to buy. You will start your career in the 2021 NFL Draft. You will train with other NFL players at Nike headquarters and take part in other activities that will ultimately affect your draft stock, such as college football playoffs, NFL team interviews, and private training.

    Another extra feature of Face of the Franchise is the class progress system. This is a more simplified way of customizing the player. Face of the Franchise now has four positions to choose from, QB, WR, HB, and the first defensive position of a linebacker in history. Each position has multiple occupations related to it. These occupations include three superstar abilities and one X factor ability. You can unlock them when you level up in the occupation, or you can buy Madden 22 Coins to unlock more you want. 

    The last important feature of Face of the Franchise is stressful moments. The unique scenes will lead you into challenging situations and provide a more immersive MUT Coins. On the next generation of game consoles, the additional functions integrated in the dynamic game day will make the pressure moments more intense. All these sounds very exciting, players who love Madden 22 must not miss it!