Madden 22 brings a unique experience

  • Last year was a hard year for Madden and his community. Although the beta version of Madden 21 shows promise, the franchise model lacks many additional features, and the next-generation debut is lackluster, making 2020 quite difficult for football fans. This year, Madden changed the promotion of its franchise. EA places great emphasis on the changes to gameplay through Dynamic Gameday and the almost complete reform of Cheap MUT 22 Coins.

    In the beta test last year, we noticed that the game on the court is indeed smoother than in previous years, at least in terms of player movements and animations. However, after the full launch of the current generation of games in August, I noticed more and more flaws. The engine and animation feel too similar to the past games. The appearance and feel of the animation is very different. The most prominent is the smoothness of running the ball. The input is more precise than in the past few years, which makes people feel very good. If the Madden team can continue to fine-tune the animation and make the passing game feel very similar to the feel in the next-generation Madden 21, then the gameplay should be stable and Madden 22 Coins will be happy to buy Madden 22 Coins.

    Our main focus in this beta version is the franchise model, the beta version let us know about some other extra features of Madden 22. These include the addition of a coordinator, coach upgrades through the skill tree, and new press conferences and coach-player conference dialogues. In addition, it looks like Madden 22’s in-game options, including only offense and defense. The franchise model feels a lot like what EA did for the NHL a few years ago. The skill tree is almost the same as the NHL franchise’s become a professional player, and the scout function looks almost a copy of the game’s franchise model.

    After seeing it in the beta version of this year’s product, it can be seen that the developers are on the right path. We may not know how they will fit together until August or September for franchise players, but at least from our beta impressions, the gameplay feels better, and upgrades to other modes make 22 feel Like a different game, you can prepare Madden 22 Coins and look forward to the game.