Newly hatchedmay be able to fly

  • pterosaursPterosaurs are a group of flying reptiles that inhabitedthe Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. at 228-66 million years ago, but there is one thing that researchers have suspected thatDeuteronomy Mysorerecently hatched from eggs that can fly or not. The matter is still murky, as pterosaur eggs and embryos are rare, according to
    Dr. Mark Whitton, an expert at the University of Portsmouth. and the University of Bristol, along withpaleontologistsfrom theUniversity of Southampton in England, unravel the answers from the results of simulations of the pterosaurs' flight capabilities. Wings were measured from fossil eggs and four embryos from two different pterosaur species, Pterodaustro guinazui and Sinopterus dongi, and compared the wing sizes of these little pterosaurs. with the size of the adult wings of the same species and compared the strength of the long bone that forms the axis of the forearm part of the wing of the three pterosaurs that hatched from the egg. With 22 adult pterosaurs, the
    team found that the long bones form the core of the forearm of the hatched pterosaur embryo. Surprisingly stronger than the bones of an adult pterosaur. It also has short wings. wider than adults indicates that they may be able to deftly change direction and speed. If not flying long distances And with the swift flight patterns of these pterosaur babies It may help them escape predators quickly.
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