Discover an ancient Roman roadin the lagoon of Venice

  • Rising water levels seem to threaten the cultural heritage of Italy's Venice, but its storied history may well be hidden underwater and waiting to be discovered. Recently, a team of researchers has discovered the remains.ancient roman roadand other facilities, such as a port, that may have been built before Venice was founded in the 5th century. A
    research teamled bygeophysicistsFrom the Institute of Marine Sciences in Venice, it used a Multibeam Sonar instrument that showed the object and the surrounding seafloor. For detecting underwater objects and creating high-resolution 3D maps of the seafloor. Twelve archaeological structures were found aligned 1,140 meters northeast at the Treporti Channel lake. Many of these structures were no more than 2.7 meters high and 52.7 meters long. The Treporti Channel had previously found rocks similar to paving stones. which the Romans used to build roads Indicating that these structures could be placed along Roman roads
    addition, the researchers also discovered the additional four structures in Treporti Channel up to 4 meters long and 134.8 meters in size and are similar to structures found in other structures. The largest seems to be an ancient port. which previously collected geological data and models It states that the road was located on a sandbar above sea level in Roman times 2,000 years ago but is now submerged in a lake.
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