China faces heavy flooding in Zhengzhou

  • China faces heavy flooding in Zhengzhou Mass of water flooded into the subway station. Affecting more than a hundred thousand people Announcing the level of emergency response to disasters Henan Province in central China has been hit by heavy flooding. And appeared images of subway passengers in Zhengzhou, China, who had to stand in the water that rose to chest level. After the flood until the water has overflowed and flooded the subway. There were also reports of flooding near Shaolin Temple, a famous Chinese temple. while roads in Henan Province Central China facedfloodduringhighsubmerged car overturned causing several cars to float downstream.
    Xinhua news agency reported that the headquarters of flood control and drought relief in central China's Henan Province. Reported heavy rain in Henan More than 144,000 people have been affected and tens of thousands of people have been evacuated to safe areas, while 16 medium and large reservoirs rose after heavy rainfall in many areas earlier this week. In addition, the level of emergency disaster response has been announced to the second level. On the night of July 20, typhoon 'Chempaka' made landfall in southern's Guangdong Province.China resulting in strong winds and continuous rain The announcement from the Meteorological Department stated that the strong tropical storm "Chermpaka" in southern China. has weakened to a tropical storm and is centered in Maoming City, Guangdong Province, China, or at latitude 21.8 degrees north, longitude 111.1 degrees east, with maximum wind speeds near the center of about 95 kilometers per hour. The storm was moving slightly west-northwest slowly. It is expected to weaken sequentially. This storm does not directly affect Thailand.
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