Human skull discovered in China may be a new species.

  • During the year 1933,were discoveredhuman skull remains.It was the first time in Harbin. Heilongjiang Province,China, where skulls were hidden in wells for 85 years to escape the Japanese army. It was later excavated and handed over to specialists from the university. in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Known as Hebei GEO University in 2018, with collaborators from the British Museum of Natural History, a
    team of experts determined that a skull found in Harbin, at least 146,000 years old, could change our understanding of evolution. fundamentally human The analysis revealed that the Harbin man was more closely linked to the Homo sapiens species than the Neanderthal. (Neanderthals) That means humans. This Harbin shares a common ancestor with us humans. More than a Neanderthal And it is possible that he is a new species of ancient human. The team has simulated a virtual face. It was found that it belonged to a man in his 50s, with a large head, deep eyes, thick eyebrows, although his face was wide. but low cheekbones making it look more like a new era than other human groups
    A team of experts has linked the skull to fossils discovered in other areas of China. He named the human species Homo longi or “Dragon Man,” and seemed to cope with the harsh cold better than Neanderthals. Tal.

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