RuneScape - If you are entering duel arena

  • There's a strategy to RuneScape gold staking or duelling. I've seen it employed and it's: wear fragile armor. The stake (or duel) begins, and you put on your most powerful "guns" (armour ). You are the winner of the stake (or duel!) Do you think this is a violation of any of the runescape fraud or bribery? I duno :s I just want to know if I can make use of it. It appears to be pretty efficient.

    If you are entering duel arena, this is the meaning: Duelling is a very honorable and noble practice. Once you've accepted it, you cannot cheat or dishonor the person you are competing against or attempt to get out of it for any reason. In the current situation, ANY is CAPITALIZED. Cheat is simply to select the last option and try to ensure that your opponent doesn't notice it. Dishonor can be very complex, soemthing like: When you were observing something you and your opponent agreed on but you did not enforce it and violate that rule. You are trying to escape...I'll think of teleporting and then the ability to log out.

    I will never honor anyone who is unhonorable. I don't use the protecting prayer. If it does not work, I won't cheat and i will not lose.

    Okay, so I am level 90 and have approximately 9m-9.5m after getting scammed of 600k (Long story) but i want a santa hat ASAP and was looking for the fastest way to make money from an f2p. I am currently smelting 12k coal and 6k iron to 6k steel, which will yield around 700k profits. But that is a slow process, and isn't the most efficient way to earn money. So I made this post while I was working on this.

    So I'm going to purchase RS membership. Since it's my first month, there are some general concerns I'd like answers to. How do I choose the best type of shield? I have 500k to cheap RS gold spend. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.