We add to RuneScape to ensure

  • We went to rs gold 2007 great lengths, as with all content we add to RuneScape to ensure that the Squeal of Fortune would enhance and not diminish what makes this game so special for millions of players every day. We are confident that we achieved both these areas of focus.

    We know that there are a variety of opinions regarding Squeal of Fortune. While we try to create experiences that appeal to everyone who plays, it is impossible to satisfy everyone due to the sheer size of our player base.

    Our philosophy has always been to do the best thing for the long-term health of the game. A lot of long-time players be aware that I've been consistent throughout time, regardless of the initial pain. The bot nuke is an excellent example. I can confidently say that we've always been rewarded for doing what is right in the long run and today we can say that the game isn't only consistently improving but our community steadily grows year on year.

    We are still grateful for any feedback that we get about our posts and how users respond to them. We've been looking over your posts in the forums and have listened to your suggestions. We listened to your concerns and have made some adjustments to Squeal of Fortune. This included new ways to earn additional spins in the form of rewards, as well as an additional protection of payments for all purchases made within the game.

    We, the team, are both disappointed that some players don't like buying additional spins. However, the majority of our players enjoy playing the Squeal of Fortune every day and more than 70 percent of our players who are free play the Squeal of Fortune every day which makes it among the most loved content releases to date. It is also a favourite for many of our players, who are still enjoying the numerous ways to buy RS gold earn additional spins.