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  • A lot of people have different reactions to Fildena 50. Some people do not notice any change in their erection while others may experience an increase in their libido. Some of them may not have any side effects while some may experience pain while using sildenafil. It is quite normal to feel a bit anxious about trying something new. But if you try it out properly, you would not have any side effects. You can even prolong your effects by taking this in conjunction with another medication.

    If you are new to how to take this pill, we suggest that you consult a doctor first. Also, you should always take these sexual enhancers at least one hour before having sex. You should also take this as a preventive measure so that you are not caught off guard in case you are sexually active. So, when should you take sildenafil?

    There are many women who swear by these pills. According to them, they never experience premature ejaculation again. Fildena is well known for its potency and effectiveness. Most male enhancement products available in the market are nowhere close to Fildena.

    This male enhancement pill works faster than any other generic pill. It also helps to improve the blood flow into the penis. If you take this pill early in the morning before you have your shower, you will be able to experience a better erection. Once you get older, your penis may become smaller due to age. If you want to enlarge your penis permanently, then Fildena should be your ultimate answer.

    Like all other health pills, Fildena has some common side effects. These side effects include excessive sweating, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, dry mouth, and upset stomach. However, these are mild and are easily counteracted with over-the-counter medicines.

    Other than the common side effects, there are also some benefits. One of these is the improvement in your libido. The enhancement ingredient, Fildena, helps increase your testosterone level. Testosterone is essential for a man's reproductive health. If you want to conceive a child, then it is essential that your testosterone level is high. If it is low, you will experience problems with infertility.

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