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  • What does Malegra 100 do to help with impotence?

    Do you have an ED or premature ejaculation problem? You've come to the right place if you are looking for a quick solution. But, Malegra 100 This tablet-like form of Viagra is designed to enhance your sexual life. It is fast to dissolve and provides a strong, sustained erection.

    Malegra 100 Tablets are very effective tablets that can be used to treat male sexual dysfunction problems and increase penis flow. This potency agent has a superior effect and is only now available. The active substance is classified in the PDE-5 inhibitors group. Sildenafil, a medicine that is well-known for its potentiator Viagra, has gained a lot of attention. It's used to treat erectile disorder and has been proven to decrease erectile dysfunction.

    Malegra (PDE-5) is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor that increases blood flow to penis through relaxation of penile blood vessels.

    How do you use it? How to use Malegra 100?

    Malegra 100 tablets new product for the treatment of erectile problems has been introduced on the market. It is a brand-new product that can be used more effectively and reliable. The active ingredient content is higher in this product. Malegra triggered erection lasts longer than the average tablet and is more reliable. This medication is effective for 3-4 hours after being taken. The tablets should be taken 30 minutes before any sexual action.

    As directed by your doctor, take this tablet as prescribed. As a whole, swallow it. It should not be broken, crushed, or chewed. This Tablet should be eaten with food

    How much? Miss dose & Overdose

    Missed Dose

    As soon as possible, take the missed dose. If it is almost time for your next scheduled dose, you can take the missed dose as a leap. This is useful for conditions such as Pulmonary Hypertension, where the dose regime is stable.


    If you suspect that you have overdosed, immediately contact your physician. If the overdose is severe, you may need medical meditation immediately.

    What are the advantages of Malegra 100

    • Lasts up to 4 to 6-hours
    • It usually starts to work in 30-60 minutes.

    In the private space, increase blood flow

    What are the things to watch out for when you take this Malegra 100?

    • You should immediately notify your doctor if you notice changes in your vision due to taking this drug.
    • If you notice any changes in your vision, call your doctor immediately.
    • If the pain persists for more than four hours, or if you feel it becoming painful, contact your doctor immediately. This could be a sign that there is a serious problem. You must get it treated immediately to avoid permanent damage.
    • After taking this medicine, you should not engage in sexual activity if you feel nauseated, dizzy, chest pain or arm pain. You should immediately call your doctor.
    • This medicine will not protect you and your partner from HIV infection (the virus that causes AIDS), or other sexually transmitted diseases.

    What are the benefits of Malegra 100?

    • It is simple to use
    • It is good for impotence and erectile dysfunction
    • Relaxes blood vessels muscles
    • This increases blood flow to the penis.

    What side effects can Malegra 100?

    You should immediately report any side effects to your doctor.

    • Allergies such as skin rash, itching, hives, swelling of lips, cheeks, and tongue, allergic reactions,
    • Breathing problems
    • changes in hearing
    • Vision changes, blurred vision, difficulty telling the difference between blue and green color
    • chest pain
    • Fast, irregular heartbeat
    • Men: Long-lasting or painful erections (lasting longer than 4 hours).
    • seizures

    Precautions and Warning

    • Avoid taking nitrate-containing medications together.
    • Take Viagra only with alcohol and other ED tablets.
    • For those below 18 years
    • Before you take this medication, you must get direction from an ED specialist. You can also read the important information. Instructions for Malegra 100 Before you take.

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