Buy Fildena 50 Medicine

  • The next step to consider when taking Fildena 50 is whether or not the patient prefers a faster-acting drug or a more stable one. In studies, it has shown that men prefer the stability of Viagra. This is especially true when taking the medication sildenafil citrate. Viagra usually takes approximately one to two hours to start providing the patient with results. For these patients, it is helpful to take the 50mg twice a day.

    Also important to know before taking the Fildena 50mg how to work is whether or not the patient will experience any adverse effects from taking the drug. As with any drug, Viagra has been known to produce certain side effects such as nausea, tiredness, headaches, and excessive sweating. More commonly, however, these side effects occur only in patients who are taking sildenafil citrate as opposed to the full amount of the drug, which is about five milligrams. These effects do pass within several days and can be resolved to discontinue the medication.

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