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  • Can Fildena 100 mg for erectile dysfunction really help? This article will reveal if Fildena for erectile dysfunction works. Many men wonder if the use of this product will actually help them overcome their condition. If your question is do Fildena for erectile dysfunction work, the answer is definitely yes. However, before you use this sildenafil you should understand how it works.

    Erectile dysfunction is most often the symptom of much more serious underlying health issues such as heart disease. If there is even a slight chance that erections will not be possible no matter what you do, you should get yourself checked out. If there is a slight chance that erections will not be possible no matter what you do, you should consider just one other factor before you try Fildena  for erectile dysfunction. The human cardiovascular system is like the big arteries and veins in other areas of your body. When your heart does not receive enough oxygen and blood flow, the walls of the blood vessels begin to harden, including your blood vessels and heart.

    If your blood flow to your heart is consistently interrupted due to high blood pressure, your blood vessel walls will harden, including your arteries and veins. This is also what happens when you are experiencing edema, low blood sugar, or if you are congested. When your blood flow is obstructed, you may not be able to achieve or maintain an erection. Edemas can lead to heart attacks if you do not use the proper sex position. Another common cause of erectile dysfunction is because the nerves on the tip of the penis have been damaged. If these nerves have been damaged, your sexual arousal system will not function properly.

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