IGVault Ways to Earn Madden 22 Coins: How to get Madden Coins

  • The Madden Ultimate Team mode is one that revolves around earning currency called MUT Coins and using that currency to buy packs of player cards that allow you to build your team. MUT can be a bit of grind, so in this guide we’ll explain the fastest ways to earn MUT Coins in Madden 22.

    Sign Up for MUT Rewards

    The last method to get coins in Madden 22 Ultimate Team takes very little effort but, over time, it should provide you with some great rewards.

    When you sign up for MUT Rewards, EA automatically tracks the number of packs you open in the game and, based on this number, puts you in one of three categories: Pro, All-Pro, or Legendary. Each month, you’ll get a set of rewards with the start of a new promo.

    These rewards usually won’t include coins but they’ll always include something tradeable for coins. And, since the only thing you need to do is sign up, it’s extremely cost-effective.

    This is another reason why you should open those Get a Player packs: they count towards the tally of your total packs opened and they’ll help you reach a higher MUT Rewards level.

    Complete Weekly & Daily Challenges for MUT Coins

    The rewards in the challenge section of Ultimate Team vary. They can be MUT Coins or Card Packs and other rewards. If you’re looking for coins, simply seek out the challenges which offer MUT coins as a reward. To kick off the Season, the Superstars: Blast Off challenge offers 1000 Coins as a reward for completion. You’ll also find that The Campaign missions can be found in this section as well.

    You can get here by going to the “Play” section of the Ultimate Team menu.

    Auction & Trades

    Another exciting way to real-in some MUT coin in Madden 22 is through the Auction House and trades. This season you can now use your coins to buy players from the Auction and Trades menu, find the best deals, and make a lot of MUT coins. If you’re looking to make MUT coins quickly, then you can look for the ‘Quicksell’ option, which will allow you to earn training points and quicksell special platinum cards for MUT coins.

    Each platinum card will have an overall rating anywhere from 80-88, and the higher the rating, the more coins you will get by quick selling. For example, if you were to quicksell an 80-overall platinum MUT 22 card, then you would receive 13,000 coins. But if you were to quicksell an 88-overall platinum MUT 22 card, then you would get 250,000 coins.

    Solo Battles to Get Coins in Madden NFL 22

    Solo Battles let you take on other team lineups from the Madden NFL 22 community every week. Doing so can get you some amazing rewards. These battles are updated at specific times of the week. You will find the Solo Battles tab in the Play section of the Ultimate Team menu.

    The first update takes place at 10:30 AM on Monday through 10:29 AM on Wednesday. The second update takes place at 10:30 AM on Wednesday through 10:29 AM on Friday. The third update takes place from 10:30 AM on Friday through 8:30 AM on Monday.

    These battles feature several ranks. Your rewards will vary according to your rank. For example, Rank 1 will see you earn 280,000 MUT Coins.

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