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  • I am an escort woman currently I am working as escort lady in Aerocity, therefore I am considered to be the Aerocity Escort, My life was full of stress and pain, I was born in very poor class family since childhood I faced financial trouble. When the other child was playing in a field, I used to work as a servant, till the 16th year of my age I was working in a house as a servant, I was not getting good money as to how I could accomplish my younger brother study.

    When I had become 16th years old, thought to discover the job, that’s why I started finding job but due to under 18 years old no one was allowing me, however I got a job when I told them, I am eighteen years old, the working was very hard and money was very rare according to work, however I had worked one and half years there, I was planning to change the job, but I was no educated as I could a good job, a day I was walking through the street and saw a banner of SPA where they needed a female workers, I approached them and I got job easily, the job was for me strange where I had to give a body massage the customers, I did not like to touch them still I had to work for money, that’s why regardless this activities I paid attention on my work, being involved with this profession sometime I used to get offer for sensual service, but I often ignored because how I could cross my line, but a day I did when I needed a huge money and I was not getting any kind of help from my relative and friends, I also requested my company but they did not grant any advance money, because they had no trust upon their employee.

    I was very confused, suddenly I was giving a body massage service to a client, the client was very rich and wanted to make physical intimacy with me, for that he expressed his desire, but I was ignoring him, when he was ready to go back, I stopped him to make an erotic deal with him, I gave him my contact number and told him to meet outside in a café, he called me and I went to there, thereafter both of us got ready to spend a night together in a hotel, it was an escort deal where I realized that I am going to be a call girl, such as know the entire features by clicking my website of Aerocity Escorts Services, here you can see my images and know my schedule, there are lots of things to be considered, here I am updating personal information about myself, if you have been looking for an escort companionship in Aerocity then you can pick the best escort worker, I am one of them who is recognized the best escort worker, so please find the above details in this aspect.