A Night life-style

  •   Hi, I am Nupur 27 years old. I am a stunning and fair complexion girl with beautiful long black hair, and a slim figure.  I am inspired to write this article about my life and style and I am sharing my personal story here. Being an escort lady my profession has to provide a physical pleasure to a client; it was the story of a year ago, when I used to live in Gurgaon.

    One day, while she had to reach the client’s home around 9p.m , she left her home around 8:20 P.M, she went to outside where from she could take an auto, she was not like other escort ladies who flow the money like water, she thinks to save money, she was waiting for auto, suddenly a heavy rain was falling from above the sky, and she was drenched in the rain, she could not find any place where she can stay for a while, suddenly a car stopped in front of her, in which a rich man was driving, he opened the gate for him, she thought to enter his car instead of visiting the client, here she was asked where wanted to go, she told that, she wanted to stay at the hotel, because had no shelter, he told her that, he had a farmhouse where nobody live, if she can then she lives.

    She got ready, and both of them went to farmhouse, he did not know that she is a call girl, he was behaving like stranger with whom he would spend a romantic night,  she did not disclose the fact about her profession and she could not make any charge from her, just she wanted to ignore but had to play it.

    She was already on the same intention, but to demand for money was complicated for herself, she knew his intention why he wanted to take with him in the farmhouse, there was a clear motive  and she wanted to earn money from him, if she told him that she is a call girl, she lost her impression before him, she did not think to show her identity before him, she was feeling hungry, she told him that, she was hungry, he went to luxury restaurant where she could never go before that, she was pleased to see the beautiful restaurant like kingdom style, she ordered her favorite food,  and went to farmhouse with him,  the farmhouse was close to Gurgaon, it was very wide and peace, she told him that is this place would not be scary, here he laughed at her, and said him that “don’t worry it is completely safe and secured  and I am with you” she gave him a beautiful fascinated smile.

    There was no anyone who could make disturb them, and one things more than who was waiting for her, she switched off the phone, she told him that she would feel fear if she will live alone, both of them made gossip together,  she was drenched in the rain, her dress was wet of rain water, she wanted to change her dress, there was many dresses of girls, while she saw the dresses of girl then asked him , what is these, he told that, this place is for his luxury life-style, every Saturday night, he hired a call girl, so what dresses she had been watching that’s the dresses of a call girl, she made a such impression as she was not familiar with it,  she understood that he brought her to enjoy with him, both of them talked much, she thought he has lots of money, if she makes a deal with him then she can earn lots of money from him, she made a deal and told him that, she would stay with him for a week and will do like a call girl and  what he can give her, she wanted to know from him.

    He was ready to pay her, she was proficient with her job but she had to play like nervousness as he would not doubt upon her, if she plays without any shy, then he will believe that she is already an expert in sensual relationship, and will not be evaluated like previous, with shyness she had to play the role of  a call girl, and such as she found such a client with whom still at present enjoying, she is not available for all time in the escort-profession rather she is available for a limited time, here to know all features just see the website and find all things about them.

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