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    NBA 2K22 is prepared to deliver the well established game into the next chapter this year with next gen, but they certainly can not ignore the Nintendo Switch. Even though the name keeps growing on next gen consoles, here's everything we know about2K MT on Nintendo Switch at the moment. At the moment, details about NBA 2K22 are few and far between, but when the match is formally announced within the upcoming few weeks that should change.

    Our first glance at NBA 2K22 will likely come if the reveal trailer falls. In prior decades, the reveal trailer was published in June, therefore we can assume the exact same for this season. There is a good chance we view the reveal during E3 2021, which starts on Saturday, June 12 and goes ahead Tuesday, June 15. Though, 2K Sports hasn't participated much at the event in the past couple of years. In any event, we can expect NBA 2K22's first huge trailer in another month or so.

    As of this moment, NBA 2K22 does not have an official launch date on Nintendo Change, but we could find a good idea of when that could be by looking at previous years. However, now that 2K has another season with next gen consoles, it is more likely we'll see the game found on all platforms simultaneously.