Who is the one who makes the joy of boys so simple?

  • The game plot of this game is the traditional pattern used in NBA2king that of the 2K series. This game's AI Junior DJ, and other characters played by players in the previous generations have also turned into NPCs for this game. The plot for the narrative is diverse, but the accuracy of the script interpretation is a bit erratic, and the majority of plots do not have logic. This is embarrassing to the model of the profession that is based on substituting.

    Players' endorsements in NBA 2K22 can be divided by 10 different brand characteristics. Players accumulate brand attribute levels by completing various plot tasks such as community activities, plot tasks, and post-match interviews. Only by achieving a certain amount of followers and brand attribute levels will they be able to obtain the appropriate endorsement qualification.

    This dramatically increases the playing time of players who are not in the arena. NBA 2K22 features an RPG-like pointer cursor for a variety of side activities, however, running on scooters in "Basketball City" is still a very painful affair, and the duration and rewards are not very successful. Proportional.

    The next-generation version of NBA 2K is still in the initial stages of development. NBA 2K hopes to bring players an experience that is different from the current version, however these changes are not acceptable to all players. For many basketball players, NBA 2K is the only choice.

    Who is the one who makes the joy of Cheap MT 2K22 PS4 boys so simple? So long as you enjoy basketball with joy, some minor problems appear to be tolerable. The problem is that if you discover that the bug that was present in NBA 2K21 has been extended into 2K22 be more or less helpless.