It's impossible to beat this if you're P2P

  • You'll need high str and def (since rangers can get you), and high att to RuneScape Gold play PVP minigames. Combat related items are only for rangers. Armour is as essential as the staff.if you are f2p with wizzy hat, monks robe top, wizzy the bottom of the robe, any gloves/boots, or any elemental staff. It's impossible to beat this if you're P2P. With 40 mage and 20 DEF u receive mystic armor.

    Yes, I'm posting this because I'm still poor. In the end, I paid 600-700kto purchase pages for my Zammy Book. Now I'm at 1.2M. also worth mentioning, I have my dad's annoying short attention-span, which is a nuisance, if I go to buy 10K water-filled vials at the promise of 900K, I'll get 1k of them from Adrougne General Store then selling them on the Grand Exchange, after getting bored...

    Is there a way to make enough money to buy a whip? Visit the gnome stronghold. You can either cut magic trees or yews there if your level is high enough. If not, there are plenty of flax and a bank near you.

    Make one k worth of flax and turn them into bowstrings.You can also watch t.v while you play. This works for me since I watch the show but lose interest, so switch to rs and then flick between the two.

    If you dont think about buying a k since it will take a while consider it as a series of bursts like say to yourself "i will buy 280 bow strings and then do some other thing for Buy OSRS Accounts a few minutes" or "i will get 280 bowstrings, then sell them and then buy another 280" It stops you from getting bored as every now and then you move around aiding in easing boredom.