NBA fans love their drama

  • One thing is for certain. NBA fans love their drama. Amazing storylines such as the end of NBA2king Jordan's time with the Bulls as well as the NBA's 2016 Cavaliers amazing comeback to the Warriors as well as the match-up between the Lakers and the Celtics are great TV and the ratings confirm that.

    The NBA is making its debut in the world of esports with the creation of the NBA 2K League along with Take-Two Interactive. Take-Two Interactive is the company behind NBA 2K. The NBA is making a smart move. It has been predicted that in 2023, 351 million people will be playing esports frequently.

    The emergence of esports in the gaming world can be a good way for the NBA to get its message across to audiences outside the United States. One study found that 57% of esports viewers around the world are located in Asia Pacific, compared to 12% in North America and 16% in Europe.

    In the present, 22 NBA teams are playing with their NBA 2K League counterparts, and the league is trying to create a loyal fanbase of video game enthusiasts. The season of the 2019 NBA 2K League Season was watched 1,411,925 times and had 7,859 viewers.

    While the popularity of the NBA 2K League is a bit low, it has the possibility of becoming the most well-known brand in the future as more people know about its existence. NBA 2K is one of Buy 2K MT Xbox the most watched sports video games available that has NBA 2K20 selling over 12 million copies.